I have been in the beauty industry over 26 years and have been  a devoted hair designer and Make-up artist in the cities of Dallas and El Paso, TX.

I have worked for prestigious companies like Zotos International, Glembys, J. C. Penny’s Salons, Christian Dior and Lancôme they have given me the opportunity to learn new techniques and be able to provide quality and excellent  service to clients.

I’m fluent in  English, Spanish and German with my language skills and experience.  I’m able to communicate well with clients and be able to provide the best!!

 I truly love what I do, offering one-on-one personal service with hair styles, make-up and skin care service specifically tailored to meet your needs.


I have continued to study while offering additional services for men and women that will optimize your personality and  beauty.


To this day, I am a student of people, personality, personal growth, development

and driven by my own desire for personal growth and development, I continue to

seek out techniques and processes that are in the beauty industry and continued to offer you the best!!